Jiangxi Zhanggong Wine Industry Co: +86 (0) 797-8115008

Contact Jiangxi Zhanggong Wine Industry 江西章贡酒业 Company on the number 0797 – 8115008 from inside China or, if calling from abroad, on +86 797 8115008.

Jiangxi Zhanggong Wine are a liquor distillery from the Zhangong 章贡 district of Ganzhou City 赣州城 in Jiangxi Province 江西省. The company specialise in producing high quality Chinese liqour such as Baijiu, a type of very strong rice wine. The company are among the top 100 liquor comanies across China and the brand ZhangGong 章贡 has become synonymous withtop quality Baijiu products. 

Much like Distilleries in the UK and Ireland, the Jiangxi Zhangong Distillery Company 江西章贡酒业 have opened their doors as a tourist destination to liquour connoiseurs from around the world.

The company are constantly innovating and on the 20th July 2021 they released 5 new high-end products under the Jiangxi Zhanggong Distillery  江西章贡酒业 brand. 

If you are looking to pick up a business link with a distillery in China, or have a general enquiry phone Jiangxi Zhanggong Wine on +86 (0) 797 8115008.

Jiangxi Zhanggong Distillery Fax Number – +86 (0) 797 8166 768

Customers can also connect with Jiangxi Zhangong Distillery Company by fax on +86 (0) 797 816 768. This fax number can be used for product specification requests, invoices, or for general enquiries.