Jerrys Pizza Romania Contact: +40 (0) 373 30 30 30

Contact Jerry’s Pizza in Romania by telephone on the number +40 373 303030. If dialling from Romania to make an order or enquiry then contact the team on 0373 30 30 30, or the order line 3030. You can also contact Jerry’s Pizza using the contact us page on the company website. Alternatively you can contact them using the email:

Jerry’s Pizza are a Romanian Pizza brand that have shops and delivery services in cities such as Bucharest, Craiova, and Cluj. The company struck the international consciousness in 2022 when it was alleged that Romanian police were alerted to the whereabouts of Andrew Tate thanks to a Pizza box bearing the company name and logo. They subsequently raided his home, taking him into custody.

Jerry’s Pizza Romania Email Address

You can also contact Jerry’s Pizza in Romania by email using the email address:

As well as a customer service point of contact this email address can be used to contact Jerry’s Pizza in Romania about any aspect of the company business.  This email address is managed by the customer service team at Jerry’s Pizza.