Jaipur STD Code 0141

The local STD code for Jaipur is 0141. This number appears in all calls to and from landlines in the Rajasthani capital of Jaipur.

Jaipur boasts a huge range of tourist attractions and is a a cultural capital for a range of arts and crafts such as textile dyeing and block printing. As such a huge number of tourists visit the city each year. The contact number for attractions, hotels, restaurants and government agencies in Jaipur will all be prefixed by the 0141 STD code.

A case in point is the world famous Amer Fort. You can contact the customer service team at the fort using the Jaipur STD code of 0141 and then the landlne contact number 253 0293. The number in full is 0141 253 0293.


Jaipur STD Code

An example of the Jaipur STD code in use is if you phone the India Tourism office for Rajasthan. This office is based in Jaipur and as such is prefixed by the Jaipur STD code of 0141. The full number is 0141 237 2200.


Calling Jaipur from Abroad

If calling a Jaipur landline from outside India you will need to dial the code for India which is +91, followed by the STD code for Jaipur minus ‘0’. So a call to the Amer Fort from the UK would mean dialling 0091 141 253 0293.