Jadeite & Co Ltd Phone Number: 0207 1182 888

Contact Jadeite & Co Ltd by telephone on 0207 1182 888 to organise a scientific valuation of your piece of jade or jade jewellery. 

Jadeite & Co Ltd work in partnership with the University of Oxford to provide the most up-to-date and reliable verification. They can provide accurate appraisals and valuations for jade pieces, including Burma Jadeite. They can also accurately provide information on the source and the purity of your jade. If you have a piece that you would like valued then contact the company at their offices in London on 0207 1182 888. You can also contact Jadeite & Co Ltd. by email at: j.chen@ukjadeite.com

Jadeite Appraisal UK – 0207 1182 888

Jadeite & Co Ltd. specialise in valuing, grading and appraising all types of jade. They will be able to tell you the grade of your piece. For example they will be able to tell you if it is A type Jade. In this case your jade piece is made of pure jade and is untreated. 

Many unscientific jade appraisers will assess your jade by how translucent it is, or by performing a scratch test. However Jadeite & Co Ltd use the cutting edge technology that can scientifically identify any impurities as well as giving an accurate grading and valuation. Their scanning technology includes:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Energy Dispersive x-ray
  • FTIR imagery

Jadeite Investment UK – 0207 1182 888

Jadeite & Co Ltd offer investment opportunities in jadeite sourcing, jewellery and pieces from around the world. They can also offer independent advice and support for UK investors in the jade market. For example Burma is a growing jade market and they can provide local knowledge on how to invest in this market. 

UK Jadeite Ltd. Social Media Accounts

Jadeite and Co Ltd. can also be contacted via their social media contacts. They have a very colourful instagram account on which they share some of their own collection of precious jade stones and jewellery.

Jadeite & Co Ltd Instagram

The company are also on Facebook and you can contact them by following the link, below:

Jadeite & Co Ltd Facebook