International Tourist Bureau New Delhi: +91 (0) 11 4262 2098

Looking to book a train from New Delhi Railway Station to another destination in India? Make your life simple and risk-free by doing so ONLY through and with the support of the International Tourist Bureau at New Delhi Railway Station. Use the numbers below to check for availability of tickets or to get assistance in finding the official International Tourist Bureau (ITB) office when you arrive at the station.

If phoning from within India the number for the International Tourist Board (ITB) New Delhi is 011 4262 2098. Or, if you are dialling from outside of India, you will need to phone +91 11 4262 2098.

If this number is not answered or is engaged then the office has two alternative numbers these are:

  • +91 (0) 11 4262 2156
  • +91 (0) 11 4262 3242


International Tourist Bureau New Delhi Contact

Unfortunately buying a train ticket at New Delhi railway station is not straightforward. For a start most train tickets in India are issued on the day and people buy them on their day of travel. Therefore it can be hard to purchase a ticket in advance unless you visit the International Tourist Bureau. You can contact them to check on ticket availability by phoning 011 4262 2098.

Another difficulty is that most of the staff at New Delhi Railway Station either have limited English or do not speak English at all. In contrast the staff who man the International Tourist Bureau all have a good command of English and will be sensitive to your travel requests.

Last but by no means least New Delhi Railway Station is a magnet for both weary international travellers as well as many touts who are looking to take advantage of them. This is a bad combination if you don’t know exactly who can help you at the station and where you need to go to receive this assistance. Scams usually involve trying to steer you off course from the offices of the ITB and in the direction of offices that are not located in the station. Victims will come away without a train ticket but a really expensive tour that will invariably prove a massive disappointment.

Do yourself a favour and ensure any train ticket you buy is through the International Tourist Bureau. They are located on the first floor on the Pahangarj side of New Delhi Railway Station.


Finding the International Tourist Bureau at New Delhi Station

You need to be prepared before you set off. Firstly you will need to ensure you have your passport with you as it is much easier for foreigners to purchase a ticket if they have their ID with them. Secondly you need to be sure about where you are going. New Delhi Railway station is a big place and there are two substantial buildings which sandwich the 16 platforms. 

Most passengers enter New Delhi railway station on the Ajmeri Gate side as it is just next to the New Delhi Metro stop. However, the office for the International Tourist Bureau is not on this side of the railway station on the first floor of the Pahangarj side.

Assuming you enter from the Ajmeri Gate side you will see lots of ticket offices. Walk past these to the left and find the walkways over the platforms. You will need to walk right the way through the station to platform one on the Pahangarj side. Follow the signs to the International Tourist Bureau which you will find throughout the station.

A sign for the International Tourist Bureau office.

When you reach platform one you will need to leave the platforms sections and walk to the big white building to the right. This is the Paharganj side of the station. 

When you enter the building you will find some stairs to the first floor. Follow the long corridor until you reach the ITB.

When you get to the International Tourist Bureau Office you can collect a ticket from  

Contact Numbers

You can contact the International Tourist Board at New Delhi Station on 011 4262 2098. Office hours are between 6am and 11pm every day of the week.