International Gemological Institute Antwerp: +32 3 401 08 88

  • Contact the International Gemological Institute (IGI) at their headquarters in Antwerp on +32 3 401 08 88. This is the telephone number for the IGI headquarters, you can also email them on

The international Gemological Institute provide certification for items of precious stone, gems and diamonds. In the photo we see an example of a piece of Jade that has been certified by the IGI that is for sale on eBay. Contact the International Gemological Institute on +32 3 401 08 88 if you have a precious stone and would like a valuation. For example if your company sells jewellery composed of precious stones such as diamonds then you may choose to get your pieces independently verified by the IGI.

In 2018 an 80% controlling share in IGI was bought by the Chinese conglomerate Fosun .

IGI Grading Report – +32 3 401 08 88 /

To get information about seeking independent diamond report you should contact the IGI by telephone on +32 3 401 08 88. This telephone number is for the international IGI headquarters in Antwerp. You can also contact their headquarters by emailing Alternatively you can phone your local International Gemological Institute office

The IGI offer screening services for valuable stones. This process can provide accurate information on origin and grade. This information will be extremely useful when setting the value of your stone.


IGI Enquiry Form

A third contact method for getting in touch with the International Gemology Institute is via the enquiry form located on their website. On this form you will need to specify the IGI office you wish to connect with and the country you are located in.

The form is located on the contact section of the IGI website.


IGI Trade Shows and Education

Phone the International Gemological Institute on +32 3 401 08 88 for information about their regular trade shows around the world. For example in December 2020 shows will take place in Jaipur, India and Oman.

You can also contact the IGI on this number to find out about their 14 schools of gemology located around the world. Courses include:

  • Polished Diamond Course
  • Rough Diamond Course
  • Retail Support Program
  • Jewellery CAD course

If you are a Jewellery retailer then contact the IGI to find out about how you can enrol a member of your team on one of their courses. You can also contact the International Gemology Institute by email on