Interlink Direct LTD: +44 20 3022 7080

Interlink Direct are an importer of Chinese foodstuffs to the UK and also the Irish market. They are a distributor that are based in Woodford Green, Essex. You can contact the company by telephone on 020 3022 7080 from the UK and +44 20 3020 7080 from outside the country.

Interlink Direct purchase products from China and then sell them to UK retail outlets, often asian and Chinese supermarkets. An example product is 伏乐美 Bubble tea, also called U.Loveit Bubble Milk. Below is an example of  伏乐美 that was imported by Interlink Direct. The flavour of this particular product is 红豆奶茶,which translates as red bean milk tea. It is an instant drink to which you just add hot water.

红豆奶茶 Red Bean flavoured Instant Bubble tea drink, imported by Interlink Direct