Ikano Bank: 0371 781 3080

Calls to 0371 numbers are charged at the same rate as “01” and “02” numbers. Phone calls to these numbers are often included in the bundles packages that are set when you purchase a mobile phone, check your telephone contract to see if this applicable to you. 

Ikano are a Swedish financing bank who offer three main services in the UK: savings, personal loans and retail services including retail loans and store cards. Each of these services has its own contact details within the Ikano customer service team, as listed below.

Telephone Contact Details

The menu bar on their website lists clearly the three main services provided by Ikano, click on one of these and you will be taken to a page with contact details. We have garnered these phone numbers and put them in one list, below:

  • Personal loans – 0344 856 5743 
  • Savings – 0371 880 6182
  • Store cards and retail loans – 0371 781 3080


Store Cards

Ikano bank underwrite the credit for the store cards of multiple high street retailers including: New Look, Oasis, Warehouse, Karen Millen, and Ikea. If you need to manage your store card from one of these retailers you will need to login on the Ikano Bank website where you can check your balance, make a payment, or view transactions. Or you can contact Ikano bank directly on: 0371 781 3080.