Icon Health & Fitness: 01924 847724

Phone the Icon sales team on 01924 847724 or for enquiries about spare parts and warranty claims call their customer service team on 0330 123 1045.

As an umbrella company for a host of health and fitness companies – including brand names such as Gold’s Gym and NordicTrack – Icon Health & Fitness are one of the largest suppliers of exercise equipment in the world. They also provide warranties for a host of well known brands such as Reebok, as well as underwriting the warranties on their own own brands. If something goes wrong with your health equipment phone Icon Health & Fitness on 0330 123 1045 to discuss this with a customer service agent to find a solution or to redeem your warranty.

Products – warranty, refunds and returns

Icon Health & Fitness manufacture and retail under a number of brands which they own, these include: NordicTrack, AltraRunning, Freemotion Fitness, iFit, Healthrider, Proform, Weslo and Weider. They also own the brand Gold’s Gym who have several gyms around London and the South-east.

NordicTrack – NordicTrack started off as a manufacturer of ski machines, but since being taken over by Icon Health & Fitness their focus has shifted to running machines, which have a good reputation for reliability and quality. They are the world’s foremost supplier of home treadmills
warranties on machines bought from NordicTrack will be underwritten by Icon Health & Fitness. If you have any issues with your machine then phone 01924 847725 or for spare parts call 0330 123 1045.

Altra Running – Altra Running make professional standard running shoes and other running apparel which they retail on their company website.
If you have any issues with your product then you can return within the 30 day guarantee period

Freemotion Fitness – Freemotion Fitness manufacture and sell exercise equipment including indoor cycles, cable workouts, free weights and running machines.
If you are not satisfied with your product or experience an issue with that leads you to want to redeem your warranty then phone Icon Health & Fitness, who underwrite the warranty, on 0330 123 1045.

Gold’s Gym – The Gold’s Gym brand have four gyms in and around London.

  • Harrow  Contact Number – 0208 901 6161
  • Dagenham – 0208 593 5000
  • Hounslow – 0208 572 1414
  • Hanwell – 0208 840 0044

Healthrider – Healthriders do a range of running machines, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and hybrid trainers.
If you would like to redeem the warranty on a machine bought via the HealthRider website then contact their parent company, Icon Health & Fitness who cover the warranty, on 0330 123 1045.

iFit – iFit make exercise watches, straps and belts which you can use to monitor your heartbeat, calories consumed, sleep, steps per day, and other important health information.
If you experience a problem with an iFit product then contact Icon Health & Fitness on 01924 847724 or email laura.godey@iconeurope.com

ProForm – Proform distribute a range of exercise equipment you can also purchase replacement parts from their site using their handy search where you type in the product and then the part that you need and they will check if they have it in stock. You can then order this part for a fee.
Warranty issues can be dealt with over the phone on 0330 123 1045.

Weslo – Weslo manufacture elliptical machines and treadmills but the range they are perhaps best known for is their exercise bikes which come in a number of shapes and sizes.
Warranty issues can be dealt with by phoning 0330 123 1045

Weider – Weider make multi gyms that can be used in the home by people too busy to go to their local gym. Their products range from aroung £1.50 all the way up to £1500.
Contact Icon Health & Fitness for warranty issues on 0330 123 1045


Icon Health & Fitness also administer the warranty for Reebok, so if you need to claim your warranty after buying a Reebok product then you should phone Icon on 01924 847724.

Warranty on newly purchased products

Customers should be aware that the warranty on products purchased from the Icon Health & Fitnes brands listed above will have to be registered within 28 days of purchase. This is done by completing and returning the included warranty card when your product is delivered or online. You may also be eligible for free warranty extensions by registering your product within the 28 days.

If you have any concerns about your warranty application or would like to find out whether your product is under warranty then phone the dedicated Icon Health & Fitness warranty team on: 0330 123 1045. Or email: csuk@iconeurope.com.

Icon Health & Fitness Head Office

Icon Health & Fitness are based in Ossett and can be contacted over the phone on 01924 847724. Or you can write to them or email using the contact details below:

Email – sales@iconeurope.com
Address – icon Health & Fitness Ltd
4 Westgate Court
Silkwood Park

Media/Press enquiries

Journalists should phone 0207 089 6100 for all press or media enquiries. This number will connect you to Munro & Forster who are Icon’s public relations represenatives.