Iberia: 0203 6843 774

The Iberia customer service telephone number is 0203 6843 774; it is manned 24/7 and you can use it to make/change a reservation or to book a flight.

Iberia Airlines recently celebrated their 90th birthday. Only a year after launching their first flight in December 1927 they had become the national airline of Spain, a title they kept throughout the Spanish Civil War 1936-9 and on through the Second World War. In 1946 they chartered the first commercial flight between Europe and South America thus setting the foundation for the reputation they enjoy today as one of Europe’s foremost suppliers of flights to South America.

Based in Madrid they are also the main airline for internal flights within Spain with a notable service between Madrid and Barcelona, also providing flights from these cities to a host of domestic airports. A merger between British Airways and Iberia saw the creation of AIG, the third largest airline company in the world in terms of revenue, although both airlines still fly under their own banners. All planes in Iberia’s fleet of A330-200, A330-300s and A330-600s, boast the familiar vertical stabiliser logo in yellow and red – like a match flame – a familiar site in airports across the globe.


Customer Service

If you would like to make changes to a booking for an Iberia airlines flight, but for some reason are not able to do this on their website then phone the UK Iberia Airways customer service team on: 0203 6843 774.

This number can also be used to cancel a flight, but you should remember that most Iberia Airline tickest are non-refundable. The Iberia customer service team are on hand 24/7 to give information about flight availability and information on flight schedules. They will also be able to give detail cancellations of flights due to mechanical faults, delays or adverse weather conditions. For flights that are going ahead you can phone in advance to book a specific seat for example next to a window or the aisle depending on your preferences. Customer who have specific needs such as extra large seats or special dietary requirements this number is also the best to call: 0203 6843 774.

Iberia’s customer service centre is called the Iberia Plus Centre, they can also help you with complaints about your flight.

Below is a list of the customer service numbers for customers calling from a selection of other countries:

France –0 825 800 965
Germany –+49 (0) 69 500 7384
Ireland – +35 (0) 3 818 46 2000
USA – 1-800-772-4642

The full list of contact telephone numbers for Iberia offices in various locations across the world can be found on the Iberia Airlines website.


Head Office

The Iberia head office is of course based in the Spanish capital Madrid, the full postal address is as follows:

Iberia Plus Centre,
Apdo. Correos 62033,
28080 Madrid,

Iberia have flights from and between 30 airports in Spain, to make a reservation on a flight from any of these airports call the reservation line, based at the head office, above. The telephone number is: 901 111 500.

If you need any extra information about your flight you can call 901 201 214, a 24 hour line which will connect you to the Iberia Plus Centre in Spain.

Be aware that both of the telephone numbers above are for use when in Spain if you are calling the Iberia Plus Centre in the UK then dial: 0203 6843 774.

Booking a Flight

Customers wishing to purchase a ticket for an Iberia airlines flight from within Spain can do this by calling the Iberia Express telephone booking system on 901 111 342. If phoning from any country other than Spain the number to book a flight is: +34 954 34 99 24. Both these telephone lines are manned 24/7.

Lost Luggage
To report lost property including suitcases or complain about damaged luggage from within Spain you should phone Iberia on 901 111 342 – this line is open 24 hours 7 days a week. Or, if calling from the UK, you can phone Iberia on 02 036 843 774.