Huairen TuoBo Porcelain Industry co: +86 1844662266

Huairen Tuobo Porcelain industry 怀仁市拓博瓷业有限公司 are a Chinese white ceramics manufacturer operating out of Huairen City in Shanxi Province. Contact the company by telephone on +86 1844662266 and speak to a Mr Yuan.

The company produce a wide range of kitchen and tableware products for the domestic and international market. Products include porcelain teapots, plates, cups and bowls. These are made on their ceramics production lines at the company factory in Huairen. If you have any queries or would like to discuss importing their products then contact the company on +86 1844662266. If you would like to learn more about their work then visit the company website, which includes some translation into English.

Huairen Tuobo Porcelain Industry Address

Huairen Tuobo Porcelian Industry’s offices and factory are located at the following address:

Chinese: 中国山西省怀仁市云中镇南七里寨

English: Huairen Tuobo Porcelain Industry, Nanqili Village, Yunzhong Town, Huairen City, Shanxi Province, China.