HSBC Phone Number: 0345 740 4404

Phone the HSBC telephone banking team on 0345 740 4404 for customer or general enquiries, to report fraud, or to report a lost bank card.

HSBC Telephone Banking Team – 0345 740 4404

The HSBC telephone banking team number acts as a switchboard for customers to connect with the department of HSBC they need. Therefore customers should phone this number for card or account enquiries. For example you can phone HSBC on 0345 740 4404 if you are having a problem using a current account card. For example if you have received a new HSBC card by post but are having trouble using it you can phone HSBC to report these difficulties.

Customers can also use the 0345 740 4404 HSBC telephone contact number for account enquiries. Therefore if you would like to check the balance of your account, or see if a bank transfer or direct debit has gone through then don’t hesitate to call.

HSBC Digital Wallet Team – 0345 740 4404

If you experience an issue connecting your HSBC card to your Apple or Samsung Pay account then phone the HSBC Digital Wallet team on 0345 740 4404 for technical support.

The Digital Wallet team will also be able to provide customers with advice on using contactless readers and which devices are compatible with the HSBC digital wallet.

Be aware that 0345 740 4404 is a general number for the HSBC telephone banking team, as such it will not connect you directly with the Digital Wallet Team. When you phone you will be presented with an automated number to choose the team you want. Press any of the options and when you are connected request to be put through to the digital wallet team.

HSBC Business Team – 0800 633 5610

If you have any enquiries related to a HSBC business account then phone the HSBC on 0800 633 5610. You can also contact the HSBC team by email on

This number can be used to check on the progress of a HSBC business banking application. 

From overseas you can connect with the HSBC UK business team on +44 1226 260 878.

HSBC Fraud Team – 0345 600 8891

If you have been a victim of fraudulent activity on your HSBC account then phone the HSBC fraud team on 0345 600 8891.