HS2 Helpline: 0808 143 4434

If you have any concerns or questions about the construction of the HS2 high-speed rail link, then phone the HS2 helpline telephone number 0808 143 4434. Or if you prefer, you can email the HS2 community liaison team on HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

The HS2 is a high-speed train line that is projected to connect London to the Midlands, the North-west and even Scotland. It will cut commuter time massively making it possible to live in Birmingham and work in London. It is hoped that the connection to London will help tackle the north-south divide that has long plagued the UK economy. Although it is expected that the HS2 construction will boost the UK economy there will be costs to the environment and to local communities. In order to assuage the fears of environmentalists and local residents the Government have set up a 24 hours HS2 helpline for people to call to voice their concerns. The number is 0808 143 4434.

Below is an illustration of the HS2 route map.


HS2 Helpline – 0808 143 4434

This is a 24 hour helpline for UK residents to find out about HS2 work in your area. When you phone the HS2 helpline you will be provided with a reference number which you can use in all future correspondence with the HS2 community liaison team.

For example if you live in an area that may be effected by the construction of this rail link you can phone to find out how close the line will be to your home. 

Below is a Twitter exchange in which Chiltern Council direct a resident to the HS2 Helpline number, as well as the HS2 email contact address.

It doubles as a complaints line that can be used to oppose or complain about the effects of construction in your area. It can also be used by the public to voice their concerns about the environment effects of HS2 project.

Below we see a Twitter user sharing the HS2 helpline telephone number in relation to complaints about the environmental effects and disruptions caused by work on the HS2 line:

HS2 Compensation Contact

Homeowners can use the HS2 Helpline number to complain about and seek compensation for any damage to their property as a result of construction works on the HS2 rail link. If your property has been damaged or effected by the construction of the HS2 rail link you can seek compensation by filling in the Claim Compensation Form on the Gov.uk website. If you need assistance when filling in this form then phone the HS2 helpline telephone number 0808 143 4434.


HS2 Contact Email – HS2enquiries@HS2.org.uk

The email address for HS2 complaints, enquiries or comment is HS2enquiries@HS2.org.uk

This email address will connect you with the HS2 support team, and is an alternative contact method to the HS2 support number. It can be used to find out about how the project may effect your property or your area.

You can also use this email if you would like to contact the HS2 Small Claims team about damage to your property. They will be able to give you advice about how to seek damages.

An alternative email is the whistleblowing email address SpeakOut@HS2.org.uk which can be used to report concerns about the HS2 project.