Hometel Chandigarh Phone Number

If phoning Hometel Chandigarh from inside India the phone number you need is 01724 299999, meanwhile callers from outside India need to include the international dialling code for India: +91 1724 299 999.

Hometel Chandigarh

Hometel is a hotel located in Industrial Centre 1. Its location about two kilometres from Sukhna Lake, and three from the Rock Garden and the City Forest make it the perfect hotel for tourists wishing to take in some of the delightful tourist spots that Chandigarh has to offer.


Hometel Chandigarh Email

 You can also contact Hometel Chandigarh by email on chh@sarovarhotels.com

This email will connect you with the reception team who will be able to assist you with any queries before or during your stay.


IELTS at Hometel Chandigarh

Hometel Chandigarh doubles as a test centre with a floor booked by the British Council to perform speaking tests. Candidates from outside Chandigarh might choose to stay in the hotel. Make a reservation over the phone on 01724 299999.