Hermes Parcels Contact Number: 0330 808 5456

If Hermes have failed to deliver your parcel then contact the company by telephone on 0330 808 5456. Be aware that when you contact Hermes by telephone you will need to provide a tracking number or calling card number to proceed. 

Customers should also be aware in advance that although this number is advertised as a customer service contact point on their website, it is very often unmanned and customer calls are left unanswered for long periods of time. 

The customer below called 0330 808 5456 and was left waiting for half an hour before giving up.

More persistent callers will find that their call will be answered. Eventually. The Tweet below is from a Customer who phone the same Hermes UK customer service number 0330 808 5456 and was left on hold for an hour before the call was answered.

The following Hermes customer experienced similar when calling Hermes, but was pleased to get through eventually.

It would seem that as long as you are willing to put up with almost an hour of hold music your call to Hermes Customer service will be answered.

Hermes Email Address

Hermes no longer provide email as a communication channel. Instead they direct customers to the contact us page on their website.

However, if you have a serious complaint you can email the CEO of Hermes. His name is Martijn De Lange and his email: