Hasselblad UK Contact number

Telephone Hasselblad on their UK contact number 020 8731 3250 to speak with an Hasselblad representative. Their fax number is 020 8731 3251 should you require it. This is a  geographic telephone number and should be charged at the standard rate. For landlines this is up to 13p per minute. From mobiles this can range from 3p to 55p per minute and will depend upon your particular call package. Actual costs will depend on your communication provider, call plan or time of day. Ofcom advise that you check before you call.

Hasselblad UK Contact number

Do you have a technical query regarding camera settings, functions or features? For this type of enquiry Hasselblad advise that you contact your local dealer or distributor who would be expected to escalate unresolved issues to Hasselblad headquarters.

Your nearest dealer can be found find using this tool on the Hasselblad website.

In addition to telephone, UK customers have a dedicated email inbox through which they can contact Hasselblad: info@hasselblad.co.uk. Their UK postal address is:

385 Centennial Avenue

Centennial ParkElstree




The contact numbers below are international numbers. As such, they may cost substantially more to call per minute depending on your call package. Once again, we advise to check before you call. Email and postal addresses are also given.


Hasselblad European Contact Numbers

European customers can email Hasselblad via: customersupport@hasselblad.com or telephone +86 400 770 6888 to get in touch with Hasselblad customer services.


Hasselblad AB was originally founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1841 as a family trading company. Their prominence as a camera manufacturer was catalysed by events during the Second World War when the Swedish Military retrieved a fully functioning German aerial surveillance camera. In 1940 Victor Hasselblad, who was by then a leading light in photographic supplies and manufacture, was approached with a request from the Swedish Government for a copy to be made. He subsequently created the HK7 and 341 additional cameras for the Swedish Air Force in the years following.

Hasselblad UK Contact number

Gothenburg, Sweden remains the organisational heart of this legacy brand with former CEO, Perry Oosting, re-centralising operations there during his recent tenure. Swedish Craftsmanship remains a core value of the company and cameras

are still handmade in Sweden.

Medium format aficionados can visit Hasselblad Corporate Headquarters at the address below:

SE-417 56

The telephone number for this address is: +46 31 10 24 00. They can also be faxed on +46 31 13 50 74.


Their Postal address is:

BOX 220
SE-401 23


Medium format pilgrims visiting Sweden should also consider visiting the Hasselblad Foundation, a separate entity to the Hasselblad Camera Manufacture company. The Hasselblad Foundation Office is located at at Ekmansgatan 8 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their contact number is +46 (0)31-778 21 50. Their opening hours are: 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.



German customers have the option of emailing: info@hasselblad.de or calling +49 4102 49101 with their customer service enquiries. The German Head Office fax number: +49 4102 49143.

Their address is:

Hasselblad Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

An der Strusbek 32

DE-229 26 Ahrensburg



Hasselblad also has an Office in Paris, Hasselblad France SAS. Their address is: 5 Passage Piver 75011 Paris, France. French customers can contact Hasselblad on +33 1 55 28 93 10 or fax on +33 1 55 28 36 28. Alternatively, they can contact Hasselblad via email using info@hasselblad.fr.


Contact Numbers US

Hasselblad customers in the United States can email: servicedept@hasselbladbron.com if they have service and technical questions that they wish to put in writing. The general information email is: info@hasselbladbron.com.

Hasselblad Bron is the subsidiary of Hasselblad active in the US. Their main office address is:

1080A Garden State Road

Union, NJ 07083

Their contact number is: +1 800 367 6434. This number is given for their US Head Office and Service Centre. The fax number for their main office is +1 908 754 5807. Their service centre fax number is +1 973 227 1063.

As a camera manufacturer highly regarded for technological excellence, Hasselblad naturally has an office in Japan. This is located in Tokyo:

1-10-32 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo 150-0001,

Asia Pacific Contact Numbers


Their Japanese subsidiary (Hasselblad Japan KK) can be contacted via telephone on: +81 03 64349567 or faxed via: +81 03 64 34 9569.  Their customer service and general enquiry email is: info@hasselblad.jp.

The photography world has the Asia Pacific Shriro Group to thank for Hasselblad’s first move into the medium format digital market in 2004. Prior to this, owners had underestimated and underinvested in digital medium format technology. In 2003,  Shriro Group acquired a majority shareholding in Hasselblad. They subsequently acquired the digital camera back company Imacon in 2004. Since then, Hasselblad has renewed their dominance in the professional and high tech photography market.

Hasselblad Contact UK

It is perhaps this dominance in the high tech, rather than prosumer or professional photographer markets, that attracted major investment from their current parent company  Ventizz Capital Fund (also known as Vorndran Mannheims Capital, VMCap).


The Shriro Group originated in Harbin, China, in 1906. Today, Chinese Hasselblad customers can email: support.cn@hasselblad.com for their customer service needs. They can also telephone Hasselblad via: +86 400-770-6888.

In Europe, US, Japan and China, as with the UK, customers are advised to approach their dealer or distributor prior to contacting Hasselblad directly as dealers are better placed to act swiftly in response to customer concerns.

For Hasselblad owners, dealers or techies interested in tapping into the Hasselblad community’s shared knowledge the Hasselblad Digital Forum provides a wealth of answers to frequently asked questions. This forum is managed by Nick Tresidder independently of Hasselblad, but is acknowledged and recommended on the Hasselblad website.
Press Enquiries

Are you a member of the Press looking for images, details or an interview? Then, Hasselblad has a dedicated Press Lounge containing releases, images, videos and their contact information. Their press enquiries email is: press@hasselblad.com.

At the time of writing, their PR contact is Neville McCarthy, who is contactable on +44 207 940 2900 or +46 31 102 475.