Halifax Car Insurance: 0344 209 0471

The main Halifax Car insurance phone numbers are: 0344 209 0471 for existing customer service enquiries; and 0330 018 9539 to get a quote. The Halifax car insurance team also operates a claims number and a windscreen repairs line.

Halifax Car Insurance Phone Numbers – opening times

The Customer service phone number is available between 8-9 Monday to Friday, it is also open on a Saturday between 9 and 5 and Sunday 10-4. There Halifax quotes phone number is available between 8 and 8 during the week and 8-4 on Saturdays. Both the Claims phone number and the windscreen repairs are 24 hour telephone lines.


Halifax Car Insurance Customer Service Number – 0344 209 0471

If you are a Halifax Car insurance customer then you should be aware of their 0344 customer service telephone number. 0344 numbers are charged at a local rate – the same as phoning an 01 or 02 local rate number. In fact Some mobile phone packages have allowances where calls to 0344 number are even cheaper than calls to a local rate number. If you have any queries  about call rates then we advise you to contact your mobile phone operator.


Halifax Car Insurance Quotes Number  – 0330 018 9539

The Halifax Car insurance phone number for sales and quotes is 0330 018 9539. This number can be used to get a quote for a car insurance policy. When you phone you should have the details of your car and be able to provide previous insurance details if you are switching from another insurance provider. 0330 numbers cost the same as a call to a normal local rate business or landline. If phoning from a mobile phone you should check with your provider to see if calls to 0330 numbers are included in your package or monthly bundle.


Halifax Car Insurance Claims Number – 0344 209 0472

Halifax Car insurance policy holders should jot down the 24 hours claims line and keep a copy in their car or saved on their mobile phone. The number is 0344 209 0472.

Windscreen Repairs – 0330 018 1889

The Halifax Car insurance phone number for windscreen repairs is 0330 018 1889, a 24 hours line.