Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control Unit: 0161 244 1511

Urban Traffic Control are responsible for the safe running of traffic lights in the Greater Manchester area. If you notice a faulty or broken light you should report it to them ASAP over the phone on 0161 244 1511.

Areas covered by Urban Traffic Control in the Greater Manchester area include:

  • Bolton
  • Manchester
  • Salford
  • Stockport
  • Tameside
  • Wigan

Any faulty traffic lights in these places and others in the Greater Manchester area can be reported by telephone on 0161 244 1511.

When should I call the Urban Traffic Control Unit?

For example if you were driving in the centre of Manchester and you noticed that traffic lights were out of synchronisation with each other due to a faulty timer you could report this. You should also phone 0161 244 1511 if you note that a set of traffic lights are out, especially if this could lead to an accident.

The number can also be used to report damage or vandalism to a traffic light. For example if a traffic light has been knocked over or has been vandalised.

Pedestrians can also call the Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control unit on 0161 244 1511 if there is a problem at a pedestrian crossing due a fault in the traffic lights. For instance if the button at a pedestrian crossing is faulty you should phone the Urban Traffic Control Unit to report it.