Go Skippy Free Number: 0344 840 6303

Need to contact the GoSkippy customer team with a general enquiry? Then phone the GoSkippy customer service helpline on 0344 840 6303 during the following office hours:

Mon – 8 to 8

Tue – 9 to 8

Wed – 9 to 8

Thu – 9 to 8

Fri – 9 to 7

Sat – 9 to 6

Sun – 9 to 5


GoSkippy Contacts

GoSkippy Team Phone Email
Quotes 0344 840 6300  
Renewals 0344 840 6301 renewals@goskippy.com
Cancellations 0344 840 6301 cancellations@goskippy.com
Change details  0344 840 6302  
Customer Service 0344 840 6303 talk2us@goskippy.com
Complaints 0344 776 5725  
New Claims
0344 840 9503 Online Form
Existing Claim 0344 840 9514 claims@goskippy.com


GoSkippy Free Number

The GoSkippy free number is actually a geographic number that is charged the same as calls to a landline telephone number. Many mobile phone packages include calls to these numbers as a free call.


GoSkippy Quote Number: 0344 840 6300

Phone the GoSkippy Quote Number on 0344 840 6300 to discuss your options for taking out a car insurance quote. When you call to get your GoSkippy quote be sure to have the registration number for your car to hand to assist the quotes team in giving you fast, accurate quote for your insurance. You can also choose to go through the GoSkippy online tool located on their website before you call, to provide GoSkippy with more details about you and the nature of your car insurance needs.


GoSkippy Car Insurance Renewals: 0344 840 6301

Renew your car insurance policy over the phone by calling the renewals team on 0344 840 6301. A member of staff will be able to guide you through the process. This telephone number can also be used by GoSkippy customers who wish to cancel their policy.


GoSkippy Car Insurance Change Details: 0344 840 6302

If you wish to make a change to the address, phone number, or occupation that is listed on your GoSkippy Car Insurance Policy then phone the team on 0344 840 6302. A member of staff will be happy to assist you with these changes.

You can also use this telephone number to change or add details that may effect the nature of your policy such as adding a conviction or a new driver. Phone 0344 840 6302 as soon as you are aware of any changes that may impact on your car insurance policy.


GoSkippy Customer Service: 0344 840 6302

GoSkippy customers should phone the customer service team on 0344 840 6302 with any customer service enquiries. This number can be used by customers who wish to find out more about their GoSkippy Car Insurance policy, or question one of the policy clauses.



GoSkippy Car Insurance Claims: 0344 840 9503

The GoSkippy Car Insurance claims line is open for calls 24/7 and is manned by a team of expert claims handlers. Once your claim details have been taken it becomes an existing claim and you will need to phone the existing claims line on 0344 840 9514.


GoSkippy Complaints: 0344 776 5725

Customers wishing to make a complaint regarding their GoSkippy Car Insurance policy can either phone 0344 776 5725 or write to GoSkippy at the following address:

The Complaints Department
GoSkippy Insurance
Lysander House,
Catbrain Lane,
Bristol BS10 7TQ

A third option is to send the details of a complaint using the online complaints form.



GoSkippy Car Insurance Email: talk2us@goskippy.co.uk

GoSkippy are one of the few car insurance companies that actually provide working email addresses that customers can use to get in contact with a real customer service representative. This helpful service can be really useful in providing customers with a means to get their general enquiries dealt with minus the frustrations of a telephone call.

The Go Skippy Car Insurance cancellation email address is talk2us@goskippy, and it can also be used for claims and changes in personal details. Be sure to include your car insurance policy number in the main body of your email as this will speed up the processing of your enquiry.