General Accident Car Insurance: 0345 030 7986

The claims number for General Accident Car insurance is 0345 030 7986, this number can be used by customers looking to make a claim or report an accident to their insurance policy providers at General Accident.


Customer Service

General Accident only give out a customer service number after potential customers have gained a quote from the General Accident website. Once a quote has been received you will be provided with the customer service number which you will be able to use to receive support over the phone for 28 days, after this period is up there is no telephone support other than when making a claim. The claims number is 0345 030 7986. However if you need support for your General Accident Car insurance policy you can contact them by email via their email Support Page. The lack of long term telephone support over the phone can be off-putting to some potential customers and for those who are not internet savvy it may be nest to choose another provider.


Claims – 0345 030 7986

Phone 0345 030 7986 to make a claim on your General Accident Car insurance policy or claim online on the General Accident website.