Gas Safe Register: 0800 408 5500

Before anyone does any work on your gas boiler or central heating system you should phone the Gas Safe register contact number on 0800 408 5500  to check if the engineer is Gas Safe registered. You can also search for a local Gas Safe engineer on the Gas Safe Register website.



The Gas Safe register is a list of engineers with the approved qualifications necessary to legally perform works on boilers and other gas installations in domestic and commercial properties. It is extremely important that you ensure that any work on your property is performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.



How do I know if a workman is on the Gas Safe Register?

Signs that your workman is a Gas Safe registered engineer are the following. Firstly Gas Safe engineers should have the Gas Safe logo on their vehicle. They are also obliged to issue a Gas Safety certificate as proof and accountability for any work done.  Finally they should always be able to provide you with a Gas Safety registration number upon request. If you are in any doubt about the credentials of an engineer then phone the Gas Safe helpline: 0800 408 5500.

They will be able to inform you whether a workman is on the Gas Safe register. If you find that someone has offered to do work on your property and they are not a Gas Safe registered engineer you should refuse their offer and find local Gas Safe engineer via the Gas Safe website or Gas Safe helpline.


The Gas Safe Register Logo

Gas Safe engineers will usually have the Gas Safe Register logo on the side of their vehicle to publicly advertise they are qualified and certified to service, replace or fix boilers. The Gas Safe logo is a black square with a triangle inside that says Gas Safe.


The Gas Safe ID card

Your local Gas Safe engineer is obliged to carry their Gas Safe ID card at all times when working with boilers. You should ask to see their ID card before they start any work. Their ID card will show a seven digit Gas Safe number, which you should make a note of. Next you should visit the Gas Safe Register website or phone the Gas Safe helpline to check if the Gas Safe number you have been provided with is legitimate. The Gas Safe Register contact number is 0800 408 5500.










What Does A Gas Safe Certificate Look Like?

When work is completed in your home you should be provided with a Gas Safe register duplicate certificate. This will detail the works or tests done on your boiler and the outcome of the work. You boiler should pass ALL the tests and be declared safe. Your local Gas Safe engineer should leave their contact details on the form as well as the contact details of your landlord should you have one. Your Gas Safe Register duplicate certificate should also provide the engineers Gas Safe registration number. If you have a complaint about the work carried out or are not sure about your engineers credentials then phone the Gas Safe contact number: 0800 048 5500.


Gas Safe Registered Engineer Number – 0800 408 5577

If you have taken the necessary qualifications and would like to apply to have your business or trading name added to the Gas Safe Register then phone 0800 408 5577. If you are already on the register then you can use this number for renewals. Alternatively you can email:


Gas Safe Large Business Accounts Number – 0800 408 5566

Large Business can contact the Gas Safe Register team on telephone 0800 408 5566 or by email at


Gas Safe Register Alternative Contact Details

The Gas Safe Register team run a number of interesting and informative social media accounts. The most lively is their Twitter account which features pictures of poor boiler jobs performed by unqualified workmen. As well as their Don’t cut corners campaign their Twitter account also has advice on how you can avoid shoddy workmanship in your property.

Twitter – @GasSafeRegister
Facebook – @GasSafeRegister

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