First Asia Industrial: +86 13917834190

Contact First Asia Industrial by telephone using the number +86 13917834190, email, or visit the company website.

First Asia Industrial are a Chinese company in Hangzhou City that sell plush toys including teddy bears, stuffed animals and soft cartoon characters. The company trade under the name Plush Toys 4 you and customers can make bulk wholesale purchase of teddy bears suitable for import.

Plush Toys 4 you products

Plush Toys 4 You manufacture stuffed toys and then sell them online. Toys that you can purchase include teddy  bears, stuffed animals and hand puppets. They also sell an interesting hammer-shamed item that looks suspiciously like the mallett used by children’s TV presenter Timmy Mallett back in the 80s. If you are considering making a wholesale purchase of items from China we suggest you connect with the team by telephone or by emailing them on