NatWest: 0345 788 8444

Current account customers can contact the NatWest customer service team on 0345 788 8444. If you are calling about your credit card account phone the credit card support team on 01268 508018 or, in an emergency, phone: 0345 300 3983.

1) Customer Service Number
2) Lost and Stolen Cards
3) Credit Card Numbers
4) Reporting Fraud
5) Loans
6) Mortgages
7) Insurance
8) Business Enquiries
9) Complaints
10) Head Office
Alternate Contact Details


Customer Service Number

The NatWest Customer service number is 0345 788 8444, it can be used for general telephone banking purposes including to transfer money, to inform the bank of a change of address and to notify them of change in your personal details. Ensure you have your telephone banking PIN number with you before you make the call to ensure that no time is wasted. This number is also suitable for all general enquiries concerning current accounts and for information about NatWest products and how you can access them. The equivalent number for textphone users is 0800 404 6161.

Customers in Scotland – Customers phoning NatWest in Scotland should phone customer services on 03459 000 200 or from a textphone on 0800 092 9098

Phoning from Abroad – Phone the NatWest Customer service number from abroad on +44 3457 888 444, or NatWest in Scotland on +44 1183 732 069


Lost and Stolen Cards – 0370 600 0459

Losing or having a bank card stolen can be a very stressful experience so it is good to inform your bank as soon as you can, for NatWest customers it is best to do this over the phone on 0370 600 0459. Once you are reassured that your card is cancelled and cannot be used erroneously you will be able to arrange for a new one to be sent to your home; delivery usually takes 5 working days. If you use a textphone then you can report your card as missing on 0370 600 0459.

Reporting from Abroad – +44 1268 500 813

Reporting from a Textphone – 0800 917 0526


Credit Card Numbers

NatWest have a range of credit cards each with its own benefits; if it is not convenient to discuss these benefits with a member of staff in your local bank then the next best option is to phone their credit card helpline on 0370 333 9091. Information and advice may include a run down of the APR rates and other benefits for each of their main credit cards: the Classic, the Gold and the Platinum.

NatWest Classic credit card customers will continue to use the 0370 333 9091 as. a customer service number whereas Platinum and Gold owners have a separate customer service lines as detailed below:

Platinum Credit Card – 0370 909 3715
Gold Credit Card – 0370 333 1933

Customers calling NatWest from abroad about a credit card should phone: +44 1268 508 018

From a textphone the number you need is: 0370 154 1192


Reporting Fraud

With modern banking there are a huge array of ways to access, use and spend money on your account, including: at a cash machine, online, chip and pin, contactless. It is very important that you are vigilant with your account and are aware of all outgoing transactions from your account. If you notice money has left your account and you suspect it may have been removed fraudulently you should contact the relevant NatWest fraud team on the telephone number that matches your account:

Current Account – 0800 161 5149 / International Number – +44 125 230 8047

Business Account – 0345 300 3986 / International Number – +44 125 230 8047

Credit Card – 0800 161 5153 / International Number – +44 1268 508 020

Business Credit Card – 0345 300 4350 / International Number – +44 1268 508 020



Customers looking to take out a NatWest loan can fill out the Apply Online feature on the NatWest website, any queries about this process, or NatWest loans in general can be addressed to the Loans team on 0800 200 400, or Minicom 0800 917 0526. Alternatively you can fill out the callback request form, also to be found on the NatWest website, leaving your mobile or telephone number. A customer service representative will then phone you and will be able to give you a decision on your loan application.



The NatWest website has a host of mortgage tools and information that will help you find the right mortgage, you can also speak to a mortgage adviser on 0800 096 9527 or 0800 917 0526 if you are a Minicom user. These phone lines can also be used by existing customers looking to increase their mortgage amount, inform NatWest of a change in personal circumstances and any other circumstance or issue that may arise.



There are two main types of insurance provided by NatWest, each managed by a specialist team operating their own telephone line.

Home Insurance – Phone the NatWest Home Insurance team on 0800 051 5450 to make, track, amend or renew a home insurance claim. This number can also be used for any general enquiries about NatWest home insurance.

Life Insurance – NatWest life insurance applications and queries can be directed towards their freephone number: 0800 068 2161.

NatWest provide a number of other insurance schemes including travel, mobile phone and car breakdown. For details visit the NatWest website.

In January of 2017 they stopped providing new car insurance packages but existing customers can still manage their account by phoning 0800 051 5405.


Business Enquiries

General Enquiries – For enquiries relating to NatWest banking for business you should phone the business general enquiries helpline on 0345 711 4477. If phoning from abroad you should dial +44 870 511 4477, or from a minicom 0800 917b0526.

Bankline Number – Bankline is an online corporate banking Helpdesk run by RBS, NatWest’s parent company. NatWest customers can apply to join this service by calling 0345 300 3109. Once joined customers experiencing problems using the service can phone 0345 300 4108.

International Banking – Phone 0800 210 0235 to discuss how NatWest can help you fulfil all your international banking needs or, if you already have one, discuss this matter with your relationship manager.

Business Insurance – The NatWest Business insurance team are available to take your call between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday. If calling from the UK dial 0800 051 0562, from abroad the number you need is +44 (0)117 926 3000, and 0800 051 3030 from a textphone.



If you are unhappy with the way NatWest deal with your complaint then you may choose to escalate the matter by contacting the Financial Ombudsman on 0800 0234 567 or 0300 1239 123.


Head Office

The NatWest head office is located in London at the following postal address and can be contacted using the following telephone number:

Address: 135 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3UR
Phone Number: 0121 695 9238


Alternative Contact Details

Twitter: @natwest_help
Facebook: @NatWest