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Phone Send2China on 01293 537035 to organise express delivery of a parcel to China, from Birmingham or any other UK location.

Sending Goods to China from Birmingham

Send2China Birmingham 速递中国 –  are a UK company that can organise your delivery of goods to China from locations across the United Kingdom.

They have a particularly strong presence in Birmingham including an office on Essex Street just outside the Chinese Quarter. for people to courier packages or goods from the West Midlands all the way to China. Their offices are located at the following address:

Send2China Birmingham

Unit 3C i-Land Apartment

41 Essex Street


B5 4TR

Services offered

Contact Send2China on 01293 537035 to enquire about their express courier service  for goods or parcel from the UK to China. Send2China can organise shipping of products from the UK to China by ship or by plane. 

Typical products that they send from the UK to China include:

Baby milk powder – send2China offer a seven day express delivery service for sending baby milk powder from the UK to China. This package includes all duties and taxes paid on a box of on baby milk to be sent from the UK all the way to China. You can choose the size of your package from options such as SR fit 4 四罐, SR fit 6 六罐, and SR fit 10 十罐. They will also process the papers necessary for customs clearance. 

Groceries/miscellaneous goods – Send groceries or other miscellaneous goods 杂货 to China with Send2China Birmingham by contacting them on 01293 537035. 

Available packages also cover the paperwork and transport of dried foods and seeds from the UK to China. This includes express delivery options from the beginning including packaging, to assistance with paperwork, right through to the shipping to China.

Luxury Goods – Send2China also offer packages for sending luxury goods 奢侈品 from Birmingham and other parts of the UK to China. 

Send2China do not have restrictions on the items that they can send to China.

If you would like to send products to China then contact Express Send2China using one of the contact methods listed below.

Express Send2China Contact

Customers can contact Send2China Birmingham by telephone on the number 01293 537035. It is also possible to contact the company by mobile telephone using the number 07421 879 888.

You can also contact the company by emailing

Alternatively use one of the following social media channels:

Weixin: send2chinabirmingham

QQ: 800080639

weibo: @send2ChinaBirmingham速递伯明翰