eToro Phone Number UK: +44 (0) 203 868 7213

Phone the eToro UK offices in London on 0203 868 7213 from inside the UK or +44 203 868 7213 from abroad.

eToro run their own trading platform on which customers can trade stocks and shares. It can also be used to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies, commodities and currencies.

The eToro trading app provides customers with access to over 2000 trading options. It can be access from a PC, tablet or even your mobile phone; allowing you to access your portfolio on the move. If you have any questions about the eToro trading tool then contact them by telephone on 0203 868 7213. For example if you encounter an unexpected error while using the eToro trading App then you should phone eToro on this number to get technical assistance.

You can also phone this number if you experience difficulties in using the eToro App or have a complaint about a customer service experience.

eToro UK Head Office 0203 868 7213

eToro’s head office is located in Canary Wharf in London at the following address:

eToro, 24th floor
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf London
E14 5AB
United Kingdom