EMA NI Contact Number: 0300 200 7089

Phone the Education Maintenance (EMA) Northern Ireland (NI) helpline 0300 200 7089 to find out if you are eligible for financial support for a course of study.

Education Maintenance Allowance Helpline NI

Students in Northern Ireland (NI) should speak to their college or university for help and advice on applying for an Education Maintenance Allowance. If further support is needed you can phone the Education Maintenance (EMA) NI helpline on 0300 200 7089. This student helpline is open between 10 am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Students can phone the EMA NI phone number to find out when a document sent off for verification purposes will be returned. It can also be used to check on a payment that hasn’t yet arrived.  

Students can also contact the team by email on: ema_NI@slc.co.uk

EMA NI Learning Centre Helpline: 0141 891 4601

The EMA Learning Centre helpline is 0141 891 4601. Lines are open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.