Eircode Contact Number: 0818 300 005 / +353 1 901 2232

  International Number Ireland Number
Commercial +353 1 901 2230 0818 303 085
Customer Care +353 1 901 2232  0818 300 005 

 Eircode provide a SMART postcode system for residential properties and business addresses in the Republic of Ireland. If you would like to find out what your Eircode is then call one of the numbers below or use the Eircode finder tool. You can also use the Eirocide finder or phone Eircode on 0818 300 005 to find an addresses unique code if you are a courier, courier service or friend. The Eircode system has proved particularly popular with the emergency services who have found it helpful in locating homes in rural areas.

Here the Eircode number is D22 YX24

Eircode also provides huge opportunities to improve their service for UK online retail companies. It can be vital in helping these companies locate an Irish address. Ireland has a huge number of rural residential properties that have non-unique addresses. In response Eircode provide unique codes for each property in Ireland making life much easier for courier companies.

UK businesses looking to do business in Ireland should phone +353 1 901 2232 so that they can ensure they have an Eircode for their business address as well of the addresses of their customers. Eircodes are compatible with most GPS addresses in the country so tourists with a car can also use Eircodes to help them find their hotel and get around. You can also use Eircodes in Google Maps to help you get around and find some of the tourist hotspots.

The Eircode for the Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare.


Eircode run a customer service telephone number. In the Republic of Ireland you can contact Eircode on 0818 300 005, or if making your call from abroad phone +353 1 901 2232 for general enquiries. 

They also have a commercial sales number which is suitable for businesses. Phone +353 1 901 2230 from abroad or 0818 303 085 from Ireland.

Callers from the UK can note –

  • +353 – International dialling code for Ireland
  • 1 – Dialling code for Dublin
  • 901 2232 – Eircode number


Eircode Email

If you are contacting Eircode with a general enquiry or to find out  your own Eircode then email them on hello@eircode.ie

Businesses can contact Eircode by email on sales@eircode.ie to get an Eircode or to ensure their company is listed correctly on the Eircode website.