Contact a member of the EE customer service team from an EE landline telephone by calling 07953 966250, or 150 via quick dial on your EE mobile phone.


Customer Service

The three customer service numbers provided below can be used by both personal account of EE and small business customers, they are open from 8am to 10pm during the week and between 8am and 8pm at weekends. However standard opening hours are between 8am and 8pm Mon-Fri and and 8am to 6pm on Saturday. Calls outside of standard opening hours are considerably more expensive, therefore you should try and time your call within them.

07953 966250 – is a general customer service enquiry line for both small business and personal account EE suitable for customers calling from an EE landline. There is an initial 15 pence charge for any call to this number from an EE landline with added charges of up to 13 pence per minute, however you may be charged more if you are calling from a non EE landline, or if you call outside of the standard opening hours.

150 – this is the number you can use to contact the EE customer service team from an EE mobile phone whether you use the pay as you go service or are on a monthly phone contract. Calls to this number are free for pay monthly customers during standard opening hours, but may be charged if you phone outside of them. Pay as you go customers will be charged 25p per call during standard opening hours, but this fee doubles to 50p per call if you phone outside of them.

+44 (0) 7953 966250 –  customers who are abroad can contact the EE customer service team by calling this number. Be aware though that you may be charged hefty roaming fees, so check out our guide to using your phone abroad in the ‘travel’ section of this page below.

 – Large Business

Customer service for large business customers (of business of 50 employees or more) are provided by a separate customer service team therefore the telephone lines are different. Calls to the first two customer service numbers provided below are free of charge if phoning within the UK. An additional telephone number is provided for customers interested in the Online Billing Manager service and the Online Ordering Tool.

0800 079 3333 –  for customers wishing to contact the EE large business customer service team from an EE landline. Calls to this number are free of charge at all times.

158 – this number is for customers to contact EE from their EE mobile phone.

07973 100158 – contact the EE large business customer service team from a non-EE landline or mobile phone. Contact your phone provider for details of charges for calls to this number.

+44 (0) 44 7973 100158 – for customers calling from outside of the UK.

349 / 07973 100349 – use the first of these numbers if calling from an EE mobile or the latter, if calling from a landline, to speak to EE about setting up the Online Billing Manager service or the Online Billing Tool. Online Billing Manager allows you to keep track of all call, text and data charges to your business phone account. It is particularly useful if you have a large number of employees using company landlines and mobile phones. The Online Billing Tool alllows quick and easy ordering and delivery of software and accessories and a range of security measures for your business’s phone account.


Join EE

Open an EE account by phoning the number below that matches the type of account that you require. Calls to the 0800 numbers below from a landline telephone will not be charged, but if calling from an EE landline, Orange or T-Mobile mobile phone you will be charged 20p per minute, callers from other mobile providers should check the terms of their agreement for details of charges for calls to 0800 numbers.

0800 956 6000 – for personal accounts.

0800 956 6001 – for small business accounts.

0800 079 0888 – for large business accounts.


Voicemail and other services

1 – customers can access their voicemail messages on their EE mobile phone by pressing and holding 1 on their keypad.
07953 222222 / +44 (0) 7953 222222 – you can also access your EE voicemail service from another phone using this number. Be sure to have your mobile phone number to hand and your pin number. Call the latter of these two numbers if calling from abroad.

150 – Text UP to this number to upgrade your phone or AL to check how much remaining data you have in your monthly allowance. You can also top-up on this number by texting VO (space) followed by your 12 or 16 digit top-up code.


Customers with sensory impairment

18001 + 07953 966250 – customers with sensory impairments such as blindness or deafness can contact a member of the customer service team to ask about services that are available to assist access to EE products. Assistance includes the screen reader which reads out options on each screen of your phone.



150 – EE customers can avoid excessive roaming fees by informing EE that they are going abroad before they travel. To see if your phone is ready to be used when abroad simply text ROAMING to 150. You can then buy one of the roaming packages provided by EE by texting one of the following codes to 150.

  • EUROPASS – for use in EU and a range of other European countries. £4 for each day you use while abroad allows you to make calls, send texts and use data for the same price as you would pay at home. Text Europass to 150.
  • EURODATA – for use in EU and a range of other European countries. £3 for each day you use your phone when abroad gives you 500MB of data. Text EURODATA to 150.
  • WORLD – for use in the USA and Canada, Turkey Australia and the UAE. £5 for each day that you use while abroad will ge you unlimited calls and texts. Text WORLD to 150.



0800 956 6060 – personal, small business and large business customers of EE can direct their complaint to this number.