Choose the customer service number that matches the way you pay and organise your bill:

Pre-payment card: Phone – 0345 303 3040

Smart Pay Meter – 0345 366 5996 

Billing customers – 0345 052 0000  

With seven nuclear power plants in Germany, E.ON are the seventh largest electric utility power company in Europe. In the UK they mainly act as a utility retailer although Powergen Renewables, a division of E.ON, operate several renewable energy sources including the Scoby Sands wind farm plant off the Norfolk coast.

Customer Service Telephone Numbers

As highlighted in the intro paragraph E.ON operate three main customer service telephone lines.

Prepayment Meter Enquiries – Many E.ON customers will live in a property where their electricity supply is activated and billed through a key or a card, which they can put credit on by going to a local shop. If you have recently moved to a flat or other property where you will pay your electricity bill like this it is important that you are given the electricity key/card when you move in. You will then need to phone E.ON on 0345 303 3040 to give them your personal details and make sure the key is active. If you experience any issues with your meter, such as your credit not being registered then you can use the same number to speak to the E.ON prepayment customer service team.

If you don’t have enough money to buy your electricity credit for a short period of time you can put your key in the meter and it will give you 5 pounds emergency credit. Remember, though, that emergency credit runs out faster than prepaid credit, for information on these rates and any other phone the e.on customer service team on 0345 303 3040.

Smart Pay – Pay AS You Go Meters – The Smart Pay Meter is a digital meter that you can keep in your home which will send automatic billing notifications to E.ON. This is definitely the easiest way to organise your billing needs, however if something goes wrong or you would like to query a bill then you should phone E.ON on 0345 366 5996.

Billing Customers – customers who have their bills worked out on a traditional billing meter, may need to contact E.ON if they would like to question a recent bill or to notify E.ON of a recent change of address. This number can also be used to notify E.ON if you have an issue with your boiler or your heating heating system or electricity is down.

Moving House

All customers, no matter whether they have a prepayment/smart meter or recieve bills by post, should notify E.ON of a change of address by phone. However the correct telephone number to do this on will differ depending on the method you use to calculate your bill:

Prepayment – 0345 303 3040
Smart meter – 0345 366 5976
Billing Customers – 0345 303 3020

Change Supplier

Likewise if you decide to change supplier whether it is to or away from E.ON you will need to phone the relevant customer service team. On a prepayment plan the right number to call is 0345 303 3040. And if you are on or would like to arrange an E.ON Smart Meter for your home then phone 0345 366 5976.

Business Customers

E.ON operate a range of tariffs tailored to small, medium and large business structures you can explore which of these tariffs is the right one for your business with a customer service representative by phoning them on 0333 202 4586. For most general enquiries they will have an adviser on hand to give advice, but for unusual or large scale solutions you can request a call back.

E.ON Renewable Energy

Contact E.On on 0345 366 5981 to discuss installing renewable energy additions to your home such as solar panels, or electric charging points. A customer service representative will be able to give you a full run down of installation and pricing options.

Customers Who Are Abroad

E.ON operate a local rate telephone line which is the best number to call should you wish to contact them from abroad, the number is: +44 (0) 115 843 4373.


General customer service complaints to E.ON can be made over the telephone by calling 0345 052 0000. Account complaints the phone line that corresponds to the way you pay your bill:

Prepayment – 0345 303 3040
Smart Meter – 0345 366 5973
Billing Accounts – 0345 303 3020

Complaints that are not taken seriously or not dealt with satisfactorily by E.ON can be escalated by phoning the Energy Ombudsman on 0330 440 1624.