DJI Support Number: 0207 660 3037

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Phone the DJI support number in the UK on 0207 660 3037 for technical support with your drone, to enquire about an order or for support with the online store.

DJI Drone Technology

DJI offer a huge range of drone technology for flying enthusiasts and photographers. One of the most exciting developments in photography in the last year or two is the drone high-flying camera that enables photographers to capture birds-eye views. In fact drones, particularly DJI drones have become standard equipment for professional photographers and filmmakers. DJI drones have a huge share of this market. Their Phantom range, particularly the Phantom 3 is a very popular choice for drone enthusiasts. If you are looking to get capture some aerial scenes of your own, you should look to DJI drones as a first port of call.

DJI Drones

DJI are a drone manufacturers and retail outlet with their Headquarters in Shenzhen a southern Chinese city in Guangdong province. Their camera drones are world class and provide shots for scenes in internationally famous movies, YouTube content and a huge range of other videos.  Meanwhile their drone technology is spearheading the transformation of drones from a leisure product to an important tool in supporting the emergency services. See the following page which details a deal struck between DJI and the European Emergency Number Association to pilot a program in Wales and Ireland whereby drones will be used to support the emergency services. DJI Emergency Drone Program.

DJI Support Number

Below are the DJI support numbers for the UK, China and territories, the US+Canada and the Netherlands. We also provide the automated options that you will be presented with if you phone the UK DJI support number.

  • UK – 0207 660 6037
  • China – +86 4007 000 303
  • USA & Canada – +1 (818) 235 0797
  • The Netherlands +31 20 654 5202

Hong Kong +852 3060 6038, Macau +853 6262 14865, Taiwan +886 2 8723 0819.

If phoning the UK DJI support number you will be presented with four automated options.

  • Press 1 – for technical support
  • Press 2 – to check the status of an existing  casePress 2
  • Press 3 – for DJI Care, DJI Care refresh and Oslo Shield enquiries
  • Press 4 – for orders including from the online store and marketing enquiries

Common Faults

Although DJI products sold in the UK or US are known to be reliable, drones are a very complicated piece of equipment and as well as the accidents that can happen there are a range of faults which can occur in the drone or its controller. If you have a broken controller it may be because the motherboard inside is faulty. If this occurs you should report it on the DJI Support page or on 0207 660 3037. Similarly if the fault is with the drone itself rather than the controller you should phone the DJI support number or report it here: DJI Support

DJI Drones Head Office Address

The DJI head office is in Shenzhen in China:

14th Floor West Wing
Skyworth Semiconductor Design Building
No. 18 Gaoxin South 4th Avenue
Nanshan District