DHL UKCustomer Service Number: 0345 072 0278

⚠️ DHL advertise an 0844 customer service number on their website. They also point customers to this number in return call voicemails. Be aware that if you phone a number beginning 0844 you will be charged 7 pence per minute plus an access charge of up to 45 pence per minute. ⚠️

The DHL customer who tweeted below fell foul of DHL’s use of an 0844 premium rate number in December 2019:


  A couple of months earlier this customer made the same unfortunate mistake:

  Despite the price of these calls DHL are still directing customers to their 0844 customer service number. Although in the following tweet they do point out that customers may be charged 7 pence per minute, they fail to mention the further access charge that customers will be charged for calling an 0844 number.



 It is likely that a phone call to DHL on the 0844 number will be charged at up to 65 pence per minute. Avoid.



DHL UK Customer Service Number: 0345 072 0278

Don’t make the same mistake as the DHL customers above. Instead phone DHL UK customer services on 0345 072 0278. You can use this DHL phone number to send a parcel or to chase up a delivery.  Calls to this number will be charged the same as a call to a normal landline number in the UK.