DFDS Phone Number

⚠️ DFDS provide 0871 premium rate phone numbers as booking lines and customer service contact points on their website. Avoid these numbers as each minute you spend on the line you will be charged 13 pence per minute plus an access charge as set by your mobile phone network ⚠️ 

 DFDS are a ferry network providing routes from the UK to Europe. Routes include:

  1. Dover – Dunkirk/Calais
  2. Newcastle – Amsterdam
  3. Newhaven – Dieppe

  DFDS routes 1+2  have three customer service numbers:  a booking line, a number for online assistance, and a number for passengers who have already made a booking. The booking line and number for online assistance are premium rate 0871 numbers which are best avoided unless you want a hefty charge on your phone bill. Interestingly all the customer service lines provided for Newhaven to Dieppe are 0800 numbers which are free to call. Let’s look at these numbers a bit more closely:


Dover to Dunkirk / Calais – 0344 848 6090

The booking line advertised on the DFDS website for trips from Dover to Calais or Dunkirk is a 0871 premium rate number. Similarly they provide a 0871 phone line for online assistance . However, you can make a booking or seek assistance without dialling these expensive numbers.

DFDS also provide a phone number for customers who have already made a booking. The number begins with 0344 which is not a premium rate line. Instead of paying extortionate fees, you will be charged the same amount as if you were calling a landline number. DFDS also take bookings and provide assistance on this line. So if you would like to make a booking for a trip from Dover to Dunkirk with DFDS then phone 0344 848 6090.

Customers can phone this number between 8am and 7pm during the week or 8am to 6pm at weekends.

If you prefer you can email DFDS about this ferry crossing on dover.pax@dfds.com 


Newcastle to Amsterdam – 0344 848 6090

Again DFDS have chosen 0870 numbers for their booking line and online assistance number for the Newcastle to Amsterdam route. A phone call to either of these numbers will be charged at a hefty 13 pence per minute plus an access charge set by your phone provider.

Instead you should choose the DFDS phone number 0344 848 6090 if you want to make a booking or for any other enquiry about their Newcastle to Amsterdam route.  Calls to 0344 numbers are charged as if you were calling a local-rate geographical number. Alternatively you can use the email: travel.sales@dfds.com


Newhaven to Dieppe – 0800 917 1201

Customers looking to book a trip from Newhaven to Dieppe will be pleased to know that the DFDS phone number for this crossing is a freephone 0800 number. Therefore callers, whether they are looking to book, or get assistance with a booking do not need to worry about being stung by premium rate phone charges.

Customers can also email DFDS about this ferry route on newhaven-dieppe@dfds.com