Department for Education

If you are a parent then contact the Department for Education (DeF) helpline on 0300 000 2288 to enquire about applying for a school place, make a complaint, apply for SEN support or learn more about the school performance tables. The same contact number can be used by current teachers, prospective teachers wishing to learn more about becoming a teacher, and foreign teachers who would like to apply to come to England or Wales to teach.

The Predecessor – The Department for Children, Schools and Families

The Department for Education (DfE) replaced the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in 2010. It’s predecessor the DCSF was only three years old when, in 2010, a new Government led by David Cameron disbanded it to form the Department for Education. However, in those three years the Department for Children, Schools and Families had come under a lot of criticism due the adoption of some unscientific and gimmicky educational tools including the Brain Gym. 

The Department for Education Responsibilities

The Department for Education (DeF) are responsible for setting and implementing policy on state education in the United Kingdom. Education settings that they have responsibility over include early years & primary, secondary schools, further education settings for adults up to the age of 19. They also work to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds to both access and thrive in education. On top of this they provide support and assistance to educators so that they can perform their roles to the best of their ability.

The Department for Education are also responsible for the well being and safety of children while they are in an educational settings. As well as this they set policy in social work, children’s services and safeguarding.

Furthermore the DfE campaign against extremism in education. and operate a telephone line which you can phone if you suspect a child is at risk of extremism.  

The Department for Education Helpline

Because the Department for Education have such a wide remit it can be difficult to know exactly who you should phone with your enquiry. If you are phoning about an individual school report you may choose to phone Ofsted. Or if you want to contact someone about an exams such as GCSEs or A Levels you are best speaking to Ofqual.

The Department for Education have a lot of information about themselves on their section of the website. Here is a link: Department for Education Website.

However if you are unable to find the information you require you can phone the Department for Education helpline on 0370 000 2288. When you dial you will be given several options, including:

For Childcare Enquiries – Dial 1

If you are a current teacher or would like more information about becoming a teacher – Dial 2

For Sales – Dial 4

The DfE helpline can also be used to make a complaint.

Department for Education Complaints

Complaints about a school can be made over the telephone on the Department for Education helpline on 0370 000 2288.

Alternatively you can send the details of your complaint using the Department for Education (DfE) online contact form: DfE Contact Form

Or, if you prefer paper and pen you can write to the Department for Education at the following address:

Ministerial and Public Communications Division
Department for Education
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Department for Education Preventing Extremism

If you have reason to believe a child is being radicalised or is at risk of from extremism in a UK educational setting then your should contact the Department for Education on 020 7340 7264

This Department for education phone number will connect you with a member of staff at their London office.

Department for Education Media Enquiries

If you are a member of the press then you can contact the DfE news desk on: 020 7783 8300

Department for Education Alternate Contact Details

Twitter: @educationgovuk
Facebook: @educationgovuk