Delhi Landline Phone Code

Phone calls to Delhi will need to include the 011 Delhi phone code. This 011 Delhi telephone code number is the same for both the new and the old half of the Indian capital. 

Delhi Landline Code

Below is a table illustrating the STD code for a phone call to a landline in the Indian capital of Delhi. The table shows the format for calls to a Delhi landline from both in and outside of India.

The table demonstrates that the ‘0’ is omitted from the Delhi STD code when the call is made from outside of India. You will also note that the Delhi landline number after the STD code is eight digits long.

India Code Delhi STD code Landline No
In India 011 xxxx xxxx
Outside India +91 11 xxxx xxxx

Delhi STD code for mobile

If you wish to phone a Delhi mobile from outside India then you will need to precede the ten digit mobile number with the India international code of +91.

Delhi STD Code – Districts

The 011 Delhi STD code covers a number of districts, or Tehsils as they are also called, within the Indian capital, these include:

North Delhi

Narela – part of the Delhi urban extension project.