Decathlon Dublin Phone Number: 0877930680

From the 14th June 2020 you can contact Decathlon in Dublin on their local phone number 0877930680. If calling from outside Ireland you will need to add the international dialling code +353, making the full number: +353 1 253 0166.

Known as the Ikea of sportswear, Decathlon are a French retail outlet specialising in sports products and clothing. They have a huge range of products for traditional sports such as football, golf and archery. As well as this you can purchase equipment for extreme sports such as canyoning, climbing and diving.

The shop will open in the Ballymun area of the city on the 14th of June 2020 at 10.30 am.

Decathlon Alternative Phone Number – +353 1 253 0166

Customers can also connect with Decathlon Ireland by telephone using the number +353 1 253 0166, or if calling from Ireland dial 01 253 0166. This number can be used to comment or complain about a product purchased on the Decathlon website or in the Decathlon Ireland store in Dublin.

Decathlon Dublin Phone Number – 0877930680

Phone the new Decathlon store to find out about their range of products, you can also use the Decathlon Dublin phone number to find out if they have products related to your favourite sport. 

If you have made a purchase that you are no longer happy with you can also contact Decathlon Dublin on 0877930680 to make a complaint or discuss your consumer rights.

Decathlon Dublin Email

Customers can contact Decathlon in Dublin using the email address

This email address can be used to ask whether a particular product is sold in-store, to make a complaint, or to find out about the returns and refunds policy.