Damart: 0330 123 5429


A premium rate 0871 customer service phone number is advertised in a prominent position, just under the logo, on the Damart website. Avoid phoning 0871 200 9000 as you will be charged 12 pence per minute plus an access charge as set by your mobile phone provider.


Damart Free Phone Number – 0330 123 5429

If you need to speak to a member of the Damart Customer service team then it is better and cheaper to use their online contact email. Or you can use their 0330 sales line and request to speak to customer service. This number is 0330 123 5429 and calls tom it will be included in many mobile phone packages or bundles. This Damart number can be used if you have purchased something in the wrong size and would like to organise a return. Equally you can use it to set up a direct debit on a purchase. 


Damart Automated Balance Enquiry Line – 0330 123  5428

The best number to phone if you are looking to check your balance on your Damart Select Personal Account is 0330 123 5428. This will take you through to an automated line where you will have to input your account details and will then be given your account balance. 


Report Financial Difficulties – 0330 123 4083

If you are experiencing financial difficulties that are making it hard to make payments on your Damart Select Personal Account or catalogue account then phone Damart on 0330 123 4083. A customer service representative will be able to discuss options for repayment or outside support. If you are experiencing financial difficulties the avoid the premium 0870 number above at all costs as you will pay through the nose for your call. There is not a Damart free phone number, but if your mobile phone package includes calls to 0330 numbers you may not be charged for your call. If in any doubt contact your mobile phone provider.


Request a Damart Catalogue

If you would like a Damart catalogue delivered to your home then make your request on the Damart website: Damart Catalogue Request. The Damart website prom uses that a catalogue will be delivered within 15 days of your online request.


Damart Australia – 1300 365 555

Damart customers down under can contact the company on 1300 365 555 to request a catalogue, speak to a customer service representative or arrange the return of an item.