Dalian Happy Fortunes Trading Co. LTD – +86 411 82811639

Phone Dalian Happy Fortunes Trading Co. LTD on +86 411 82811639 to speak to a supplier at the company. Dalian Happy Fortunes are a Chinese food supplier located in the North-eastern city of Dalian in China.  They supply foodstuffs such as prawn crackers to a wide range of wholesalers and supermarkets in the UK.

Some of their products are marketed under the Kang Mei 康美 brand. Many of their foodstuffs are uncooked. An example of this is their prawn crackers which need cooking in oil before they can be eaten. Much of their produce is suitable for the sale to retailers and restaurants rather than individual consumers.

If you would like to connect with Dalian Happy Fortune Company then phone China on +86 411 82811639.