DaDa ABC Contact Number: + 86 21 5629 3204

DaDa ABC are a company based in Shanghai who provide an online teaching platform that matches Chinese children with native English teachers from the UK, America, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. 

Teachers can contact the DaDa Abc teaching centre on +86 21 5629 3204 to enquire about working hours, salary, and to request information prior to an interview. This number can also be used by teachers to discuss contract issues, or to report 

DaDa ABC have a teaching connection with Pearson Education, a UK education company who design much of their syllabus.

Chinese Name and Legal Name

The characters that make up the DaDa Abc name are 哒哒,英 and 语。 DaDa 哒哒 means the clatter of a horses hoof, ying 英 means England, and yu 语 means language. So together it stands for DaDa English Language. 

Meanwhile the legal name of the company is Shanghai Zhuo Zan Education Technology Co. Ltd.