Country Inn & Suites Amritsar

Contact Country Inn and Suites By Radisson, Amritsar by telephone on +91 183 5050 555. You can use this telephone contact number to contact the reception desk for special requests. Alternatively you can make a reservation by email on or by telephone on the reservations number: +91 9877 534232

Note that when phoning +91 183 5050 555 you must include the plus (+) digit when you dial. On some phones the + sign won’t appear automatically when you make a call. In this case hold down the 0 and it will appear above. So the full telephone number to dial for Country Inn and Suites is + 9 1 1 8 3 5 0 5 0 5 5 5.

The facade of the Country Inn and Suites Hotel, by Radisson, Amritsar


Country Inn & Suites Hotel 

Country Inn & Suites Hotel by Radisson is a six storey hotel in Amritsar near the Golden Temple.  The hotel boasts a wide range of facilities including an outdoor swimming pool, gym, and a spa. It also has a rooftop terrace that lends itself to panoramic snaps of the city.

A view of Amritsar from the Country Inn & Suites Rooftop terrace

View of the Queens Road, taken from the Country Inn & Suites Hotel, Amritsar


Country Inn & Suites Location

Internal flights from Delhi or Vhandigarthto Amritsar can be purchased from the Indian airline Vistara. The Country Inn & Suites hotel is located ten miles drive from Amritsar airport. Contact the hotel on +91 183 5050 555 in advance of your travel to organise an aiport pick up. Country Inn & Suites also offer a hotel taxi service to several local tourist sites including the Golden Temple (1.5 km away). Speak to a member of staff at the front desk to organise your trip.


The Golden Temple, Amritsar. Just 1.5 kilometres from the Country Inn & Suites Hotel


Other local sites include Jallianwalla Bagh and the Wagha border. At the Wagha border with Pakistan there is a daily ceremonial changing of the guards and it is quite a sight. Speak to the hotel staff over the phone before your trip or organise when you arrive at the front desk. 


Facilities at Country Inn Suites, Amritsar

The hotel has 48 rooms and you can book one of these over the phone by calling +91 0183 5050555. This number can also be used to book a party for a wedding, birthday or work function. The function room also has a bar and you can request catering in advance of your visit. The function room is located in the basement. Below is a photograph of the room.


The Banquet hall at the Country Inn & Suites Hotel, Amritsar


The hotel also has some leisure facilities including a swimming pool and a gym, although both of these are very basic. In fact most of the guests seem to snub both of these facilities.


However the hotel does have three excellent restaurants. On the first floor there is a breakfast room which serves a wide range of hot and cold food. At lunch you can choose between the first floor and the ground floor coffee shop which also serves a range of hot and cold snacks. Meanwhile for those with a bigger budget there is also the option of visiting the classy banqueting suite.


Reservations Number

Book a room at the Country Inn and Suites hotel Amritsar over the phone on +91 183 5050 555, or do so by emailing

The hotel boasts 48 rooms in total, all of which are twin and en-suite. Each of the rooms has a fridge stocked with mini-bar options. You will also find a safe to store your valuables such as your passport when you go out. On top of this there is a desk in each room and air-conditioning to keep the temperature cool during the warm summer nights.


A typical bedroom at the Country Inn & Suites, Amritsar




If you are looking for a hotel near the Golden Temple in Amritsar, then the Country Inn & Suites is a great option. Contact them by phone on +91 183 5050 555 to book your room.