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Have you got a bone to pick with posh Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg? Would you like to discuss Brexit with him? Or, do you live in his North East Somerset constituency? Would you like to discuss an issue that is close to your heart and your home?




If so use the Jacob Rees-Mogg contact details below to get in touch with the Leader of the House of Commons.



Jacob Rees Mogg Contact Details

Office Phone Number Email
Parliament 020 7219 7118

Constituency 0117 987 2313 mbrewerpa@

Jacob Rees-Mogg has two contact telephone numbers: one for his local constituency office in Kingswood, Bristol; the other for his parliamentary office in the House of Commons.



Jacob Rees Mogg Contact Email

Similiarly their are two email addresses. The Parliamentary email address includes Jacob’s name, but we can assume a secretary sifts through much of the emails, with him reading a select few.

The email address for his constituency is clearly manned by a PA, but is another good option for contacting him. If you would like to meet Jacob Rees-Mogg in person at one of his surgeries held in Kingswood then email:

You can also organise an appointment using the online contact form on the North East Somerset Conservatives website



Jacob Rees-Mogg Online Contact Form 

The online contact form can be used to bring an issue in the North East Somerset area to MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s attention. You can also use this facility to set up a meeting with him at his Keynsham surgery.



Jacob Rees-Mogg Constituency Office Address

As Minister of Parlaiment for North East Somereset Jacob Rees-Mogg holds regular surgeries at his constituency office in Keynsham. The office is located at the back of 16 High Street. The full address is:

16 High Street


BS31 1DQ