Conservative Party Phone Number: +44 (0) 20 7222 9000

Would you like to comment on or take part in the Conservative party’s 2019 election campaign, if so use the telephone contact details below.

Or have you missed a phone call from 020 7222 9000 and are wondering who called? If the call was from this number it may have been someone canvassing from the Conservative Party.

Tory HQ

Contact the Conservative Party campaign in London on 0207 222 9000. Calls to this line will connect you with the party offices and campaign headquarters that are located on Matthew Parker Street, London SW1H. The number acts as a switchboard and you can use it if you don’t know the number of the department you need to speak to.

Join the Conservative Party: 020 7222 9000

If you would like tom find out about the process involved in joining the Conservative Party or would like an application pack, then phone 020 7222 9000. A member of staff will gladly guide you through the process.

Conservatives Complaints: 020 7222 9000

If you would like to complain about the conduct of a Tory MP, or a specific policy that is impacting your life negatively then you can do so by telephone on 020 7222 9000. Remember that this is the switchboard for the Conservative Party headquarters in London, so you will not be able to speak to a specific MP on this line. However, you can use this number to register your discontent with an MP or policy.

An alternative avenue for lodging a complaint is to write an email. You can do this at:

Cancel Conservative Party Membership: 020 7222 9000

The offices on Matthew Parker Street also act as the Conservative Party campaign headquarters. Therefore you can also call the switchboard if you would like to cancel a current membership of the Tory party. When you call just ask for ‘memberships’ you will need to provide your current party membership number in order to cancel over the phone.

You can also call 020 7222 9000 if you would like to request to be removed from their mailing list.