Coimbatore STD Code: (0)422

Calling within India you will need to use the Coimbatore STD code of 0422 in oder to connect with an Indian landline in the city. Outside of India the STD code will need to be adjusted by dropping the zero and adding the India country code of +91. Examples of the Coimbatore STD code in use are provided below.



Coimbatore, in Tamil Nadu, is one of the fastest growing cities in India in terms of tech, industry, healthcare, population growth and the well-being of it’s citizens. This is partly due to the benefits of investment associated with being labelled a Smart City by the PM Narendra Modi. Indeed it is a sign of the times that the company we are going to use for our example of the Coimbatore STD code is Cognizant, a multinational AI and tech company with offices in the city.


Coimbatore STD Code

Cognizant have a number of offices across India and their local office in Coimbatore is prefixed by the 0422 STD code. To contact Cognizant by landline from within India phone 0422 396 3000. Or, if calling the office from outside of India, dial +91 422 396 3000.