Churchcastle Limited Phone Number: 01423 393 696

Have you received a letter headed:

  • Royal Rewards Wordsearch
  • Wynnington Ltd.

Be aware that if so this letter will advertise 09 premium rate telephone numbers for you to call. Do not under any circumstances phone this number. 09 is the most expensive premium rate phone number. Calls to 09 numbers are charged in excess of 3 pounds per minute, plus an even more heft access charge added by your mobile provider.

Don’t phone Churchcastle or Wynnington on any 09 phone number, instead contact them on 01423 393 696.

Cancel any future contact from Churchcastle Ltd by calling them on 0808 206 4390. Do not, under any circumstances, phone any contact number for Churchcastle Limited, or their other trading name Wynnington LTD, that begins in 09. 09 Numbers are premium rate phone lines and you will be charged at least £3.50 for this cause as well as an access charge as set by your phone provider. 

This company provides word search and crossword competitions through the post with cash prizes. They also advertise their word search puzzles on ITV using the trading name Wynnington.

Wynnington LTD / Churchcastle LTD Premium Rate Numbers

Churchcastle Limited send letters and cards to residents of the UK inviting them to complete a crossword or word search for which there are prizes such as a holiday or a cash sum. They also send these letters under then name Wynnington LTD. On each card, or letter there will be an 11 digit premium rate phone line, beginning 09. This will be advertised as an answers line, for you to give your answers. Be aware that these lines are premium-rate, and you will be charged an arm and a leg for your effort. These 09 numbers are the same ones that are used by dodgy horoscopes, sex-chat lines and a host of other dubious businesses. You will pay at least £3.50 for each minute of your call. You will also need to pay a seperate charge by your mobile phone provider. Basically do not ever phone 09 numbers unless you have very, very deep wallets.

In fact in 2012 Churchcastle were fined £800,000 by PhonepayPlus, the premium line regulator.

Churchcastle Ltd / Wynnington Ltd opt-out

If you would like to opt-out of further communication from Churchcastle then phone 0808 206 4390

If your correspondence is from Wynnington then phone 0808 206 4152, or email:

You can also opt out by writing to them at the following address:

Wynnington Opt Out Limited

PO Box 133


TN31 9EU