China Health Insurance

Whether you are visiting China on a short business trip an extended holiday or are going for a year of TEFL teaching it is important to take out medical insurance. On this page we provide links to the contact details of a range of Chinese insurance companies that offer comprehensive travel and medical insurance packages for visitors to their country.

On this page we provide advice and contact details for visitors to China who are looking to take out travel insurance packages such as medical, health and accident. We will provide details of Chinese companies, and foreign companies who are working out of China. If you would like to purchase your travel insurance from a UK company then visit this page: Travel Insurance

One of the best ways to begin your search for travel insurance for your trip to China is to visit the China Expat Health website. This service provides price comparison for a host of Chinese travel insurance providers. They also provide a telephone contact number that you can call for assistance in making your decision. For more information visit our China Expat Health webpage.

Insurance Provider Sales Emergency
Allianz 400 886 6014 – China

+86 21 6042 4647 – abroad

400 886 6014
Ping An (86) 4008895512