China Guardian Auctions: +86 (0) 10 8592 8288

China Guardian Auction House on Wang Fu Jing Street, Beijing

China Guardian Auctions Co. are among the biggest auction houses in China, you can contact the company by telephone on +86 (0) 10 8592 8288. Or, if you are calling from within China, you should dial: 010 8592 8288. In addition the company email address for the Beijing offices is:

You can use either of these contact options if you would like to sell or are interested in buying an item of Chinese art. This telephone number can also be used to enquire about upcoming auctions that take place regularly across China.

The company organise public and private auctions all round China. On the mainland their headquarters are in Beijing and they also have branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Their offices in Hong Kong operate under the name China Guardian (HK) Auctions Co. Limited and Guangzhou.


China Guardian Auctions

China Guardian Auctions sell a huge range of art, antiques and cultural artefacts from across China. These include:

  • Chinese painting and calligraphy
  • Gold and Silver ware
  • Furniture and works of art
  • Jewellery
  • Jade
  • Autographs
  • 20th Century and contemporary art
  • Alcohol: Moutai, Whisky
  • Rare and antique books
  • Collectible and old stamps, coins
  • Pottery + porcelain

The company organise exhibits and auctions across China in high end locations such as their Guardian Arts Centre on Wang Fu Jing Street.

Visitors do not need to book their place in advance but if you would like to find out anything about the auction process then phone China Guardian Auctions on +86 (0) 8592 8288 from outside China or 010 8592 8288 if calling from within the country.


China Guardian Auctions Beijing Office

In Beijing their offices are located on Wang Fu Jing Street, and the telephone contact number is: 010 8592 8288. This number can be used to find out about upcoming exhibitions or to register your interest in a piece of art. You can also use the China Guardian Auctions telephone number to seek technical assistance if you are struggling to use the company’s online auction portal.