Chaoyang Park Beijing: 010 65067723

Contact the customer service team at Beijing’s Chaoyang Park on 010 – 650 67723. 



Chaoyang Park Customer Service – 010 65067723

The customer service number for Chaoyang Park (朝阳公园) is 010 65067723. You can use this number if you would like to comment on one of the facilities, make a suggestion or enquire about opening hours.


Chaoyang Park is located in the North east of the city and is a great place to find some peace among the hustle and bustle of Beijing. People congregate on the many squares to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong. There is also a marvellous lake that adds to the serenity. Another highlight is the running track that snakes between the squares and around the lake. It truly is a beautiful sight to behold. If you have any comment on the park the customer service team would be pleased to hear from you, dial: 010 6506 7723.



Chaoyang Park Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for Beijing’s Chaoyang Park is 5 yuan. This small fee is about 50p. Once you have paid you will be able to avail of all the facilities in the park. The entrance fee is used to maintain the park and pay for the staff such as security guards, cleaners and grounds staff.


Wedding  Hall – 400 8500 581

Chaoyang Park is a great venue for your wedding ceremony. The wedding hall occupies pride of place, next to the North-west lake. It has lovely European architecture that will add to the splendour of your special day. Phone Chaoyang Park on 400 8500 581 to book a wedding in the Wedding Hall.


Chaoyang Park Beijing Complaints

They are two complaints lines which visitors can use to lodge a complaint about the upkeep of the park. They are: 650 65409 OR 659 53490. If you see something amiss in the park or you think one of the facilities could be improved then phone one of these numbers to lodge your dissatisfaction.