Channel 4 Contact: 0345 076 0191

Contact Channel 4 on 0345 076 0191. You can use the Channel 4 telephone number to speak to Channel 4 about any general enquiry you may have or about one of the channels below:

You can also use this telephone number for queries about All 4, which is an app that makes Channel 4 programs viewable on a range of smartphones and tablets.


Channel 4  Telephone Contact Number – 0345 076 0191

The original Channel 4 terrestrial television channel and all the digital and cable channels above are part of the Channel 4 Television Corporation. If you would like to contact the corporation about any of these channels then phone 0345 076 0191.

The original Channel 4 television channel began life through an act of parliament in 1982 that created the UK’s second commercial television station. From its inception Channel 4 aimed to provide alternative and innovative programming that would champion minority groups and provide a window into cultures from around the world.


Channel 4 Telephone Number – 0345 076 0191

When you contact Channel 4 by telephone on the number above, you will be greeted with the following automated message:

Welcome to  Channel 4 viewer enquiries. If you have a touchtone phone and have a query about the All 4 service please press 1. 

For information on how to access and for details  of programs featuring an audio description, please press 2.

For details of applying for information under the freedom of information act, please press 3.

If you have an enquiry, or would like to make a comment about a channel 4 program, please hold the line and your call will be transferred.

Please note that calls may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes and for details of how we process personal data, please see our privacy policy at:


Channel 4 Headquarters telephone number – 0207 306 8691

In December 2018 Channel 4 announced that they would be moving their headquarters to Leeds. However the local rate Channel 4 telephone number at their London head office is still in use. The full number is 0207 306 8691.

When you call an automated message will present you with the following options:




Channel 4 Sport 

Since it’s establishment in 1982 Channel 4 have aimed to bring UK audiences into contact with sports that are played around the world. In that year on the 7th of November they aired their first full American football game. Four years later, in 1986, Channel 4 achieved a first when they became the first channel to show a live Super Bowl.

The following year Trans World sport was shown for the first time and ran until 2009. As well as showcasing unusual and obscure sports from around the globe it also introduced the British public to future sports stars such at the Williams sisters, Usain Bolt, Billie Joe Saunders and Tiger Woods. This concept is being continued by Vice World of Sports which has featured boxing from the slums in Ghana and extreme sports from around the world.

In the UK not much was known about Serie A, the Italian domestic league until Football Italia provided a regular update and some live games between 1992 and 2002. This famously coincided with Paul Gascoigne’s brief spell at Lazio.

If you would like more information on sports television programs from the early days of Channel 4, or would like to find out more about sports listings across the Channel 4 network then phone the Channel 4 telephone number: 0345 076 0191.


Channel 4 Drama

Although the soap-opera Brookside went off-air in 2003 it remains the most talked about in UK soap history. In 2002 the channel 4 telephone number was inundated with complaints after a scene judged too explicit was shown before the watershed. 

In 1994 the show also attracted a number of complaints when they screened a kiss between female characters Beth Jordache and Margaret Clemence.

Phone 0345 076 0191 and hold the line if you would like to make compaint or comment about a Channel 4 program.


Channel 4 Reality TV

Channel 4 introduced Big Brother to our screens on the 18th of July 2000. Among the notable contestants were a guitar playing, lesbian ex-nun and Craig Phillips the eventual winner.

In recent years E4 has featured a host of reality TV series including: Desperate Scousewives, Made in Chelsea and Stage School. 

Alternative Channel 4 Contact Details

Channel 4 can be contacted by letter using the address below:

Channel 4 Enquiries,
PO Box 1058,
BT1 9DU.