Cash Plus Contact

Contact the Cashplus Customer service team on 0330 024 0924 for general enquiries about your Cashplus account. The Cash Plus contact number for customers calling from outside the UK is: +44 207 153 8940.


Cashplus General Enquiries

If you have any questions about or would like to find out more about Cashplus products then you may choose to contact Cashplus on their general enquiries telephone number: 0203 535 7100.


Cash Plus Credit Card Apply

Apply for a Cashplus credit card over the phone on 0330 024 0924 or fill in the online application using the following link: Cash Plus Credit Card Application

Before you make your Cashplus Credit Card application you will need to apply in store or online. If your credit card application is successful you will be able to complete the process by clicking on the link.


Business Credit Card Application

Apply for a business credit card with Cashplus using their online application form. Any problems experience during the application process can be dealt with by using the Cash Plus contact number: 0330 024 0924.