Cambly Contact

The easiest and cheapest way to contact Cambly is by email on, you can also phone them at their offices in California (+1) 916 445 1254.

Get a job teaching online with Cambly

Cambly are always looking for new teachers to join their existing talent pool. Anyone interested in taking up a teaching job with Cambly can do so by following this link:

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About Cambly

Cambly was founded in 2012 by two ex-employees of Google who wanted to connect students of English with native speakers from  around the world. Teachers and students can connect to Cambly, and each other, using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Cambly Phone Number: +1 916 445 1254

Here +1 represents the international dialling code for the US, while 916 is the dialling code of the state of California. An alternative phone number is provided on the Cambly website, it is: +1 800 952 5210.

Cambly Contact Email

Cambly provide a contact email that can be used by students or teachers regarding complaints, customer service or general enquiries. The email address is 

Teachers can also contact Cambly using their online request form which is a feature on the teacher’s portal on their website. Teachers can use this contact form for enquiries related to pay, technical issues or to report issues with students. 

What do I need to tutor on Cambly?

Fortunately Cambly make life easy for prospective tutors. You do not need to do an interview and you do not need to send proof of qualifications or have a teaching certificate. All you will need to get started is a photograph of yourself, a Gmail or Facebook account and a good internet connection. It is also a very easy sign up process, which we explain below. If you have any difficulties when signing up then email

Cambly Become a Tutor

Cambly accept applications from native english speakers, whether they have teaching qualifications or not. The application process is quite simple with your identity being verified through either your Facebook account or a Google Email (Gmail) account. Once verified you just need to add a photo and declare any specialisms you may have. These may include being able to teach the IELTS exam, or possibly that you have experience with public speaking etc. Unlike many online schools Cambly does not demand that you have any type of teaching certificate. This means that anyone can get build up some teaching experience without doing a course first. Indeed it is the ideal platform for people to test the waters if they are unsure whether they want to teach or not.

Cambly Payments

Cambly pay their teachers every Monday via Paypal. If you have any issues with your payment then you can contact the Cambly team by email, or using the request form.