Calcutta STD Code

The access code, or STD code as it is more commonly referred to, for Calcutta is 033. As Calcutta is one of the eight tier-1 Indian cities the STD code is only three digits.

 Calcutta is also commonly referred to as Kolkota so a query about the Kolkota access code can also be answered with the digits 033. The city is located in West Bengal and is home to 4.5 million people. However the surrounding metropolitan area brings the total population all the way up to a staggering 14.5 million. Both residential and business landlines in the city will be prefixed by this 033 access code. 

The city is hit hard by rains during the monsoon season and flooding is a regular occurrence. The large population are very vulnerable at this time of year.

Calcutta City Access Code – 033

An example of the Calcutta STD access code in use is in the telephone number for the Calcutta Tourist Board located in the Embassy Building in the heart of the city. The number to dial if calling from within India is 033 2282 7731. If calling from abroad you will need to drop the zero, replacing it with the India access code which is +91. This makes the number +91 33 2282 7731.

Calcutta Municipality STD Code

As we have established Calcutta is a huge sprawling city and there are a huge number of areas on the outskirts which have become incorporated into the area. 

Below is a list of some of the areas that make up the great municipality of Calcutta and share the same STD access code of 033.


The the north of Calcutta there are a number of slum areas that form part of the Calcutta Municipal District, below is a list: